Our Process


Flawless Plans has devised a distinct process of approaching each new project so as to ensure efficiency in execution and quality of our end product. We find it most useful to map out every project at the very beginning to provide a road map. By arranging the project into a distinct set of actionable milestones and objectives, we are better able to track progress and manage every step of the engagement most efficiently.



our process




The business plan production process typically begins with an email or a phone call. We field numerous inquiries from prospective clients each day. Our approach involves a detailed set of questions designed to gather all requisite information regarding your project and its parameters. This allows us to accurately identify your unique business planning needs. Once we have a solid understanding of the scope and complexity of the engagement, we are able to determine exactly what work needs to be completed.



After reaching an agreement on project deliverables, a Flawless Plans Senior Consultant will prepare a detailed Plan of Action encompassing the objectives and delivery time frame for your engagement. Because each client’s case is unique, Flawless Plans produces custom tailored content, a comprehensive financial model, and a dynamic document layout with consideration to the specific nature of your project. There is no one-size-fits-all standard “template” for your business plan. We build each plan from the ground up. As soon as we receive a deposit payment, Flawless Plans will begin working on your project.



Throughout the scope of the engagement, Flawless Plans will keep the client informed via periodic progress updates through phone calls and emails. We aim to keep the client involved throughout the entire process, as this affords Flawless Plans the opportunity to gain and provide valuable insight and feedback as to strategies and planning directives. We actively encourage a robust ongoing dialogue as it is important that you play a central role in the business planning process.



Once Flawless Plans has completed an initial draft, we provide you with an abridged sample to indicate that the project is ready for review. Our primary objective is to provide you with a flawless business plan that will surpass your expectations. We work extensively with each client to make sure the finished product is exactly what you need … a high power, attractive, and well drafted business plan. Simply put, the job is not done until you are completely satisfied.



Trust is essential in any good business relationship. Due to the confidential nature of the work, all staff and partners of Flawless Plans are contractually obliged to protect the privacy of each client. We are remain committed to protecting security of intellectual property, proprietary ideas and other sensitive documents and materials. Rest assured, no information relating to your case will be divulged to third parties prior without express consent.