Our Services


We assist our clients in achieving their goals by translating their ideas and aspirations into a tangible, credible, and actionable set of business milestones and objectives. Our team of seasoned consultants, MBA’s, technical writers, and financial professionals are well versed in all areas of business planning. We provide clients with comprehensive business plans, marketing documents, financial spreadsheet models, and web design services related to their business venture. We routinely work with an influential network of venture capitalists and serious investors. The Flawless Plans team is plugged in directly to what these individuals expect from a rock-solid business plan … and we deliver just that.



Know your product. Know your customer. Know your competitors. Know your industry. A strong understanding of these market factors is imperative to developing an effective business plan. We systematically detail all crucial factors to your success, including Target Market Demographics, Industry Growth Potential, and comprehensive Sales Projections to provide a clear and concise plan for your organization’s direction. Top notch Market Research will give your business the credibility needed to succeed.



With in-house Financial Professionals from the fields of Tax Accounting and Financial Statement Auditing, Flawless Plans is well positioned to provide you Financial Statements & Projections that can stand the test of scrutiny from the most sophisticated investors. We spend a great deal of time in each engagement developing custom tailored Financial Models that are specifically designed to describe your business operations in detail. More importantly, a flawless financial overview demonstrates an acute understanding of business needs and future potential to investors and lenders.


Even the most well executed business plan can fall flat with poor presentation. We understand the importance of an appealing and dynamic first impression. All of our work includes custom, in-house produced aesthetic content. We ensure that your plan will stand out amongst the hundreds of others that come in front of a given investor each year. We can incorporate your own pictures, logos and graphics, or help you design a new theme from scratch. Never underestimate the importance of aesthetic appeal.



If cash is the lifeblood of any business, sales & promotional efforts are the circulatory system. New orders for goods or services are what pumps resources throughout the rest of the organization. These activities are crucial to driving revenues, but are often one of the most commonly overlooked elements in many business models. We make sure your business plan addresses these issues accordingly by working with you to develop a methodical approach to sales initiatives and promotional campaigns.